We provide global, market leading multi-asset trading technology and infrastructure for buy-side and sell-side market participants. Trusted by the world’s top-tier banks, brokers and trading venues, we provide consistent, reliable access to the most current and innovative trading solutions available.
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We believe in what we do. We focus, we build on our capabilities and expertise. We do what we’re good at, in the best possible way.

We believe that building customer success constitutes our single most important mission.

We believe that acting as one team reinforces our internal and external relationships, methodologies, processes and harmonizes our way of working.


Naomi | Head of Pre-Sales, Tokyo

In 2003, I joined Ullink Metabit in Tokyo as a support engineer in the implementation team for our buyside EMS, Xilix.

It was a great experience to learn how an EMS works connecting from the buy side to the sell side from a system point of view. Although I really enjoyed working in the implementation team with excellent colleagues, in order to pursue my career goals working in a client facing role, I moved to the client service team. Communicating with buy side clients was new to me and everything was very exciting. In addition to obtaining business knowledge, I was able to gain quality experience in the team.

Now I am working in Pre-sales utilizing both my previous experiences in the implementation and client service teams. I really enjoy working for Ullink as it is a friendly working environment and offers great opportunities for internal mobility and people who are looking for challenges in their careers.

Florin | Head of Customer Operations, Cluj

I joined Ullink in 2011 as a QA Engineer (in the Cluj office in Romania) as part of the Integration team. There I was able to learn and gain an in-depth understanding about Ullink’s global products. Then I moved on to the Implementation team, which allowed me to get to know our products even better. Thanks to Ullink’s global mobility program, I was offered the opportunity to move to New York as a Technical Account Manager. I took the challenge and here I am, after almost two years in the city that never sleeps, in an industry that continuous to grow at a fast pace. I really enjoy working at Ullink and being part of a dynamic and skilful team. I like new challenges and am not afraid to embrace change.

Kevin | Product Owner, Hong Kong

I joined Ullink in 2009 as a quality engineer in the UL TRADER team. I enjoyed working for that team because it was young and with a good spirit. One year later I heard that a team was moving to Hong Kong and, thanks to our internal mobility process, I entered a request to see if there was position open for me over there. After few days the request was validated and I moved to the UL DASHBOARD team. I went to Hong Kong as an expat for 2 years and now I am still working there in a local contract. The change was good for me as it made me use more technology and increased my benchmarking and automated testing skills. I like the fact that Ullink is using Agile methodologies as the product and internal processes can be driven by everyone if your idea is good. It also makes the development more flexible to changes and the team more reactive to client needs.

Gregory | Technical Account Manager, London

After graduation I decided to move to London and found the opportunity to join Ullink. I arrived at Ullink in 2011 as a Technical Analyst. As part of client service team you are the first point of contact and have contact with Clients on a daily basis.

I found this job to be a good mix between Client service and technical work. Working in a small team where everybody is dynamic and knowledgeable is very motivating. You get to learn new things every day.

After two years I moved to a Technical Account Manager role, within this role we are assigned specific clients and are responsible for managing their needs and requests on a daily basis.

I am now working as a Technical Expert within the implementation team. Within this new role i get to build trading platforms specifically tailored to individual client needs. I believe that Ullink offers fantastic opportunities for people who are looking for challenges within their careers.

Costin | Senior Developer, Cluj

From the first days I have started to work for Ullink Cluj-Napoca, back in 2015, I was impressed with the strong focus on code quality, learning and people’s growth, and am very glad that this has not faded since. Code reviews are a common practice, we often organize brown bag lunches, we have access to a growing library of technical books and there is even a full day internal conference.

I have joined the company as a Senior .Net Developer as part of a great team for a highly customizable product that displays real time market data for our customers. Embracing the challenges in an environment surrounded by sharp and friendly people has enabled me to soon be promoted to Technical Expert.

I really enjoy working for Ullink as it is an open and friendly environment that offers great opportunities.

Chris | Global Connectivity Manager, Manila

I joined in 2006 as a Global Connectivity Manager for Ullink NYFIX.

I can count myself as one of the pioneers in Manila. Back then we were all wearing different hats. On top of my being a GCM, I also acted as a Service Desk personnel fielding calls and responding to client inquiries. I was able to learn and gain an in-depth understanding of FIX, as I was oblivious to it prior to my joining.

I love the feeling of being able to lend a helping hand to our clients (both internal and external) whenever they come to me for assistance. I’m hardworking and always ready to go the “extra mile” when the situation calls for it. The company saw this and rewarded me with travels/training abroad to visit the different offices, I’ve been to NY, London and HK.

Currently I’m the GCM for the APAC Region and this allows me to collaborate with different teams within the organization in relation to my role handling Ullink NYFIX clients’ on-boarding or any NYFIX related concern.

I like working at Ullink and the variety of people I get to work with daily gives me a real sense of fulfillment.