Hundsun and Ullink announce strategic capital markets partnership for China

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Hundsun and Ullink announce strategic capital markets partnership for China


Hong Kong – 28 March 2017 . Hundsun Technologies (“Hundsun”), China’s leading supplier of financial software and network services, and Ullink, the global provider of connectivity and electronic trading solutions, today announced that Hundsun entered into an exclusive agreement with Ullink to connect its user community to the NYFIX Marketplace, Ullink’s international trading network.

Integration between the Hundsun trading platforms and Ullink’s NYFIX Marketplace will enable the Chinese financial community – asset managers, insurance companies, buy-side institutions, banks and brokers – to directly access the 700-strong international broker community connected to NYFIX. In addition, participants will be able to access services such as NYFIX TCA, NYFIX IOI and the NYFIX Store, and develop trading links to markets worldwide.

Broker-independent and vendor agnostic, Ullink’s award-winning NYFIX Marketplace client connectivity service leverages a growing network of partners to fulfill its twin-track development strategy of global expansion and regional proximity. Ullink recently enhanced its regional Asia-Pacific infrastructure to offer resilient, secure NYFIX local order routing hubs. While reducing latency for intra-regional order routing, this also enables NYFIX clients to leverage local connectivity to access international capital markets.

For Hundsun Global Trading Network (GTN), “connection, innovation and value” are at the heart of the company’s mission. Leveraging the latest breakthroughs in advanced financial trading technology, Hundsun GTN is strongly committed to building a financial market infrastructure adapted to a connected world. Hundsun GTN provides comprehensive, secure, compliant and professional financial IT solutions to connect financial institutions, the real economy and inclusive finance.

“Hundsun is honored to be working with Ullink”, said Peng Zhenggang, Chairman of Hundsun Technologies. “We think it is crucial to expand the services offered to our clients and pro-actively assist them during the next phase of their growth. We are delighted to bring in Ullink’s expertise in connectivity and benefit from their grounded experience in providing a seamless client experience for electronic trading services.”

“Ullink has been present in Asia for more than 10 years now and I am delighted to expand our footprint in China, where we already provide services to a fast-growing client base“, added Didier Bouillard, Ullink CEO. “We are further increasing Ullink investment in the region to support our growth plans by extending the NYFIX Marketplace presence in Asia-Pacific in 2017, launching new points of connection to offer more and better choices to our clients.”

Hundsun is the latest partner to join the growing community of vendors managed under Ullink’s Global Alliance Program (GAP) framework. This strategic partnership marks an essential milestone by anchoring Ullink’s presence in China and taking the positioning of NYFIX as a global connectivity utility for the Capital Markets community one step further.


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