Next generation middle office solutions – What’s next?

The post-trade landscape is undergoing radical transformation. Shrinking trade settlement windows, new compliance requirements around auditing and reporting, the need for risk aggregation across asset classes and systems, and the increase in low-touch/DMA trading are just some of the forces re-shaping today’s ecosystem. As a result, sell-side and buy-side firms are re-considering their middle office workflows and what, actually, the middle office does; the middle office is being re-defined, as are the technologies needed to support it.

This paper summarises current forces at play in the middle office, and explores implications for middle office workflows and technologies.

Table of contents

Describes the core middle office workflows and the technologies that support them

Examines the key pressures for change in the middle office, including shortening settlement windows, rising costs of trade failures, need for central, real-time view of risk, and the growth of low touch trading

Elaborates the key requirements for the cross-asset, automated middle office of the future

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