NYFIX Partners with Ullink to Deliver Innovative Access to Leading Broker Algorithms

NEW YORK, PARIS, 10 June 2008. NYFIX, Inc. (Nasdaq: NYFX), a trusted provider of innovative solutions that optimize trading efficiency and ULLINK, a global connectivity and trading solutions provider, today announced their new partnership to integrate ULLINK’s dynamic algorithm publishing solution (UL REACH) with the NYFIX Marketplace, the industry’s largest FIX-based global trading community. The partnership will leverage the NYFIX Marketplace infrastructure to provide buy-side clients with instantaneous and seamless access to the most up-to-date broker algorithms.

The integrated platform offers buy-side firms desk-top access to the very latest broker algorithms from across the broker community. The buy-side simply selects the order strategy and their trade is then sent to the broker for execution via the NYFIX Marketplace. The service is fast and easy to implement, requires no additional software, and can be used with any buy-side trading system.

For sell-side members, this solution provides a central place to manage their library of algorithms. It allows brokers to publish algorithms to their clients automatically and cost effectively through a user-friendly interface.

Bob Moitoso, Global Head of FIX Division, NYFIX comments: “This exciting and innovative partnership provides another valuable service to the Marketplace community. It brings increased efficiency and order enrichment to buy-side firms and allows the sell-side to seamlessly reach the extensive, global Marketplace buy-side community. The partnership combines powerful and leading-edge technologies to deliver improved market efficiencies.”

Laurent Useldinger, CEO, ULLINK adds: “This partnership extends the capability of ULLINK’s algorithm solution and offers greater access to the buy-side. This makes it much easier for our own sell-side clients to trade, as they can extend their algorithmic capabilities to all NYFIX Marketplace clients.”

The NYFIX Marketplace is a neutral, flexible, and fully managed electronic trading solution. It includes more than 400 buy-side firms and 475 sell-side execution destinations worldwide. NYFIX Marketplace participants benefit from access to a wide range of liquidity sources, lower trading costs, and speed-to-market with new trading counterparties and services.


ULLINK provides international financial institutions with low-latency connectivity and trading solutions. With over 300 ready-to-trade connections to favourite destinations: buy-side clients, brokers, exchanges, MTFs, ECNs, order routing networks, and trading applications – in all formats and for all asset classes. ULLINK’s universal connectivity platform, UL BRIDGE, enables customers to build environments that relieve them from technical dependence on a specific vendor.

ULLINK solutions also include turn-key DMA gateways to the world’s most active exchanges, a comprehensive order management system with flow monitoring and exception management, a MiFID-compliant Smart Order Router, and advanced trading interfaces with algorithmic trading capabilities. These flexible solutions are available in-house, in Facilities Management or through our global hub, UL NET. With offices in New York, London, Paris and Hong Kong, ULLINK supports hundreds of clients across time zones, including many of the world’s largest financial institutions, and enjoys a reputation for delivering exceptional services. Please visit or email

About NYFIX, Inc.

A pioneer in electronic trading solutions, NYFIX continues to transform trading through innovation. The NYFIX Marketplace(TM) is a global community of trading counterparties utilizing innovative services that optimize the business of trading. NYFIX Millennium(R) provides the Marketplace community with new methods of accessing liquidity. NYFIX also provides value-added informational and analytic services and powerful tools for measuring execution quality. A trusted business partner to buy-side and sell-side alike, NYFIX enables ultra-low touch, low impact market access and end-to-end transaction processing. Please visit for more information.