Ullink’s selected partners provide value-added functionality through Ullink’s existing architecture

ULLINK GAP provides a global framework to build and develop mutually beneficial relationships with solution providers contributing to the ULLINK ecosystem of solutions and services.

ULLINK partners are selected based on shared high standards for quality, reliability, innovation, responsiveness and client satisfaction.

If you would like to join our ecosystem, please contact us here. Ullink is proud to support the FIX Trading Community, the non-profit, industry-driven standards body at the heart of global trading.





Adroit Trading Technologies offers the next generation investment management platform designed for sophisticated managers. The Alta platform is built from the ground-up for algorithmic, automated decision making. The platform empowers manager to focus on strategies and manage exposure across virtually all asset classes and investment styles.

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Single architecture, cloud-based, front-to-back, cross-asset SaaS solution for hedge funds, asset managers and family offices that is rapidly deployed.  Over 150 customers globally derive value from substantially lower TER, a single version that is frequently upgraded to reflect market conditions, and best-in-class, high touch, support. 

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CYMBA Technologies, a FactSet Business was established in 2006, by Mark Veevers, Karim Ali, JP Cunningham and Rodolfo Picciau. CYMBA’s sole objective is in delivering agile and functional business solutions to the Investment Management community. CYMBA’s Athena Investment Management Solution is a complete front office platform supporting Portfolio Management, Decision Support, Modelling, Order Management, Trading, Execution and Compliance.



Excel Force MSC Berhad is a software house for financial services industry based out of Malaysia. We provide complete system solutions to the stockbroking and investment banking for share trading. Our system includes the front end trading and order management system, middle risk management, and back office processing system. We are a market leader in our field as approximately 50% of Malaysian stock exchange trading value currently flows through our system. Our stable and reliable system have also been implemented in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore.


Founded in 2001, FinIQ is a financial engineering company offering product & services in varied scope and breadth ranging from cross-asset structuring, trading, sales and distribution, compliance & post-trade solutions to the treasury & wealth management industry. FinIQ’s system spreads over their major product portfolios such as Foreign Exchange, FX Options, Equity derivatives, Swaps, Bonds, Shares and Structured Products.

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Founded in 1995, Hundsun Technologies Inc. is the premier software vendor for China’s financial services industry. The company is successfully listed on the Shanghai stock exchange since 2003. Hundsun focuses on the asset management industry, providing comprehensive financial IT solutions to brokers, assets managers, banks, insurance companies, securities exchanges and funds, while offering wealth management tools to individual investors.

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Incorporated in 1996, Infocast Limited is a leading supplier of financial information technology (FinTech) products and services in Hong Kong. Possessing over 20 years’ experience supplying trading platforms, enterprise solutions, financial content and investor applications, Infocast serves over 150 banks and brokerages in Hong Kong and across Asia.

KRG Kissell Research Group

A Global TCA firm, providing a suite of TCA tools including: pre-trade, post-trade, liquidation analysis, and optimization. Our INDEPENDENT analysis measures execution quality and broker/algorithm performance to ensure BEST EXECUTION practices. We employ a fully TRANSPARENT methodology to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Our services are currently being Utilized by Pension Funds, Brokers, and Managers.



Marvelsoft provides cutting-edge algo-trading solutions for institutions across the globe. Large network of buy-side and sell-side partners uses our algorithmic trading engines, monitoring, and quantitative analytics software to achieve a unique edge and outperform the competition. Reliability, innovation, and sophistication are pillars of our success.

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QuantHouse, provides end-to-end systematic trading solutions. This includes ultra-low latency market data technologies, Algo-trading development framework, proximity hosting and order routing services; to help hedge funds, market makers, proprietary desks and latency sensitive sell side firms to take the lead.



Smartkarma is the premier collaborative marketplace for Asian investment research and analysis.



Software AG offers the first end-to-end digital business platform—based on open standards, with integration, process management, adaptive application development, real-time analytics and enterprise architecture management as core building blocks—to help customers build their digital futures today. With over 45 years of customer-centric innovation, Software AG is ranked as a leader in many innovative and digital technology categories.

The Technancial Company


The Technancial Company Ltd. delivers advanced real-time risk management and trade surveillance tools to global markets. The Technancial Company’s products, JANUS™ Risk Manager, JANUS™ Margin Engine, JANUS™ Trade Surveillance and JANUS™ Margin On Demand, are used by global institutions across markets, regions and asset classes to supervise their trading, market making, DMA and HFT activities.

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A Valemobi é uma empresa com mais de 8 anos de experiência, desenvolvendo diversas soluções de software para o mercado financeiro, atendendo os mais variados e exigentes públicos, com produtos de alta tecnologia desenvolvidos para o uso intensivo e de missão crítica. A empresa foi fundada com a união de pesquisadores e profissionais do mercado financeiro, e está estruturada em um tripé de inovação, conhecimento e tecnologia de ponta, criando soluções completas, simples e fáceis de usar.

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