CHICAGO, FRANKFURT, 9 June 2008. RTS Realtime Systems Group, a leading trading solutions provider, announced that it is now connected to ULLINK, a leading provider of transactional connectivity for the financial community.

Thanks to the new RTS-to-UL BRIDGE plug-in, RTS users can now access more than 300 buy- and sell-side counterparties worldwide.

“The UL BRIDGE is a complete connectivity platform offering smart order routing and monitoring functions, in addition to direct access to multiple execution venues in any message format,” said Laurent Useldinger, CEO of ULLINK. “We developed a truly innovative and business-oriented solution, and we are pleased that RTS users can now benefit from ULLINK functionalities.”

“The integration and deployment is remarkably simple,” said Alex Lamb, Senior Vice President, Business Development at RTS. “If a customer using any one of RTS’ solutions wants to deliver orders to new sell side brokers, exchanges or ECNs, it can be done without the extensive integration work required with other platforms. This means that traders can include additional markets to their trading strategies for an extremely attractive cost and within a very short timeframe.”


ULLINK provides international financial institutions with low-latency connectivity and trading solutions. With over 300 ready-to-trade connections to favourite destinations: buy-side clients, brokers, exchanges, MTFs, ECNs, order routing networks, and trading applications – in all formats and for all asset classes. ULLINK’s universal connectivity platform, UL BRIDGE, enables customers to build environments that relieve them from technical dependence on a specific vendor.

ULLINK solutions also include turn-key DMA gateways to the world’s most active exchanges, a comprehensive order management system with flow monitoring and exception management, a MiFID-compliant Smart Order Router, and advanced trading interfaces with algorithmic trading capabilities. These flexible solutions are available in-house, in Facilities Management or through our global hub, UL NET. With offices in New York, London, Paris and Hong Kong, ULLINK supports hundreds of clients across time zones, including many of the world’s largest financial institutions, and enjoys a reputation for delivering exceptional services. Please visit or email

About RTS Realtime Systems Group

RTS is a leading solutions provider with offices in Amsterdam, Chicago, Frankfurt, London, New York, Paris, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney, and distribution partners in Greece, India, Italy, Japan and Taiwan. Founded in 1992, RTS is a pioneer in the design and creation of high performance, functionally rich, multi-asset electronic trading software, with thousands of user connections to nearly 100 exchanges. For more information, please visit