KANSAS CITY, MO, 9 June 2008. BATS Trading Inc., an innovative and technology leading market center, and ULLINK, a leading provider of global connectivity and trading solutions, announced that the UL SMART best execution system is now connected to BATS.

UL SMART is a Reg NMS and MiFID-compliant best execution system seeking the best available offer on multiple markets by looking at both the best price and the most competitive execution venues. ULLINK’s smart order router is designed to enable each broker-dealer to fine-tune its search for the best global cost.

“We’re pleased to establish connectivity with ULLINK and appreciate their commitment to low cost and best execution,” said Randy Williams, vice president in charge of sales and communications. “We look forward to working with clients who choose to access BATS using the UL SMART system.”

Philippe Thomas, ULLINK Inc.’s managing director, said “Our clients can save a significant amount of money by combining UL SMART’s comprehensive decision-making and BATS’ lower costs of execution,” noting that ULLINK offers fixed annual costs, a contrast from pay-per-order models.

Firms interested in connecting to BATS in the US should contact Mr. Williams or Jon Schneider, sales manager, at the numbers below. Those interested in connecting in Europe should contact Ken Conklin, senior vice president of business development, at the coordinates below.


ULLINK provides international financial institutions with low-latency connectivity and trading solutions. With over 300 ready-to-trade connections to favourite destinations: buy-side clients, brokers, exchanges, MTFs, ECNs, order routing networks, and trading applications – in all formats and for all asset classes. ULLINK’s universal connectivity platform, UL BRIDGE, enables customers to build environments that relieve them from technical dependence on a specific vendor.

ULLINK solutions also include turn-key DMA gateways to the world’s most active exchanges, a comprehensive order management system with flow monitoring and exception management, a MiFID-compliant Smart Order Router, and advanced trading interfaces with algorithmic trading capabilities. These flexible solutions are available in-house, in Facilities Management or through our global hub, UL NET. With offices in New York, London, Paris and Hong Kong, ULLINK supports hundreds of clients across time zones, including many of the world’s largest financial institutions, and enjoys a reputation for delivering exceptional services. Please visit or email

About BATS Trading

BATS Trading, based in Kansas City, Mo., with additional offices in New York , was launched in January 2006 and operates one of the fastest-growing, top-tier equity markets in the United States with plans for a Europe launch in 2008 through its London-based affiliate. The BATS platform is developed by a core team of market and technology professionals, catering to the needs of the broker-dealer community. Included in the BATS customer base are about 290 broker-dealers and a broad-based ownership group including affiliates of Citi, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, GETCO, JPMorgan, Lehman Brothers, Lime Brokerage, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Tradebot Systems and Wedbush. BATS … Making Markets Better.